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Ddo Claims for AP employees salary bill prepare option is now available on web.The main concept and goals of Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts is  maintenance of Civil in Society, Local Funds, Payment of Pension and conducting to more financials transactions of the government Salaries, Processing to run Pension cases of the Respective Departments and exercise to treasury control's overall departmental financial Transactions with the reference to the Budget is are the main process of the department who make an employe of the government they may various of the department ddo clamis DDO Request Main Options and Sub Options are given below.
No need to enter Flag Fund manually. The System will calculate automatically while processing the paybill.

The Servers will not work from Sunday 22nd july 2012 for Maintenance purpose.

New DA rates will be accepted after submission of DA Arrears Bills.

1. Pay Bills
2. Reports
3.General Services
5.User Related
6.Service Register
7.Leave Module
9.Promotion and Transfer
10.Joining and LPC Acceptance.

1) ddo forums request a build
2)ddo request for salaries
3)ap cyber treasury ddo request
4)ddoreq employee details Etc...

Here the link of the ddo results please copy the mentioned link paste on your browsers HTTPS address then run your ddo request


A small usage for visitor please open the ddo request in Mozilla Firefox browser its will be faster of the other browsers.Click here for browser

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